NTI announced today a new cloud version of their award-winning Backup Now EZ software. New benefits include online backup options plus step-by-step and customizable backup capabilities. Backup options include the ability to backup a complete PC and/or just selected files and folders. Plus, with the added cloud storage users have peace of mind with access to their data anytime, anywhere they are internet connected.

Toshiba's new high capacity Canvio 3.0 USB hard drives are the first-to-market with NTI® Backup Now EZ™ software pre-installed for simple activation by consumers. Backup Now EZ scans your computer and recommends the best backup options. You then decide between backing up your files to the Toshiba Canvio, to online storage at NTI Cloud, or choose both for the most comprehensive coverage. The software also includes Drive Space Alert that monitors local drives and announces when the drive is getting close to full.

NTI Cloud starts online storage with a free 30-day trial and $1/GB per month in 5GB or 10GB increments thereafter. Users are offered the option to dynamically grow the online portion as needed.

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nero_11_boxshot.jpgNero 11, the new multimedia software suite from Nero, is now available for consumers who want to make the most of their photos, videos and music.

Nero 11 was reconstructed to offer improved device support, greater functionality and substantial usability improvements. Its main applications now have consistent user interfaces and a new Nero MediaBrowser provides one-click access to the user’s photo, video and music library from every application. Easy-to-follow start screens offer at-a-glance overviews and video tutorials for each application.

The integrated applications in Nero 11 can be used to:

  • Organise and wirelessly sync iTunes playlists, videos and photos between PCs and Android devices
  • Create impressive-looking videos and photo slide shows for sharing on Facebook, YouTube and Flickr
  • Provide full system back up security with just one click
  • Optimise and convert videos for iPad, Android smart phones and other devices
  • Burn high-quality Blu-ray and DVD discs
  • Design and order professionally printed photo books, calendars and greeting cards

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lite-on_mydisk_suite.jpgLite-On, a global leader of optical storage solutions, announces the new disc burning comes to the iPhone with the launch of Lite-On’s exclusive MyDisk Suite. A survey finding that eighty three percent of users who purchase disc burners do not install the software suites included with the hardware spurred Lite-On to create MyDisk Suite, a smarter, more interesting form of disc burning software. MyDisk Suite’s tools work with Lite-On drives to integrate disc burning, file indexing, cover creation, and the development of disc menus.

A generation of 17-45 year old customers who share their lives and their media have difficulty finding files they have burned and find current burning software difficult to use. MyDisk Suite requires only a few straightforward steps and incorporates a set of applications for the PC, iPad and iPhone. Applications including DiskIndex, DiskCollection, DiskCase, and DiskMobile present a brand-new approach to disc burning, making disc burning easier, smarter and more interesting. It brings together drag-and-drop disc burning, file/disc indexing, customised menus, personalised disc covers and iOS image burning that is intuitive and user-centric.

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VSO Software releases today DVD Converter, a program to convert DVD movies into any format. In a 3-step process, DVD videos and ISO images can be converted into AVI, DVD, MKV, PS3, Divx, iPad, iPhone or Ipod format and burnt to DVD if needed. The live preview and a  variety of options enable full customization, including: easy movie and bonuses selection, chapters, multiple audio tracks and subtitles support and menu creation.


“The converter has been developed with two guidelines: “versatility” and “simplicity”. With one single tool, the user can backup his favorite movie and play it on any device he may have at hand, like the ever popular Ipad or PS3”, says Cedric Van-Dendaele, DVD Converter developer. He also adds “It is also a useful tool for making copies of DVDs.”

Packaged with an Advanced Image Filter processor, DVD Converter makes no compromise on quality. Users can optimize their settings selection thanks to the Quality Advisor that predicts the output quality. The software is optimized for multi-core processors and NVIDIA Cuda profile for faster conversions. Standard and High Definition output are offered, as well as various video codecs H264, Mpeg4, Xvid, AC3, AAC, DTS. Multiple angles films are also supported.rnDedicated forum and guides are provided on VSO Software’s website.

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ArcSoft, Inc., an industry leading software provider of multimedia technologies and applications across desktop, mobile and embedded platforms, today announced that the company will demonstrate an Intel Wireless Display (Intel WiDi) compatible version of the recently released ShowBiz 5 movie making and sharing application at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

The primary benefit of Intel WiDi for ShowBiz 5 users is the preview window within the software can be shared to an external display wirelessly, allowing the users to see how their movie will look on the big screen without first having to create a DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or hassle with connecting the PC to the TV. Users will simply need to have a compatible Windows 7 laptop, a compatible wireless adapter for their TV (connect to TV via HDMI or Composite A/V inputs), and the free Intel WiDi widget installed on the laptop. Additionally, the Intel WiDi compatible version of ShowBiz 5 will need to be installed. Availability of this version will be announced shortly and it will be a free update for current ShowBiz 5 users.

“The Intel WiDi Extensions SDK provided a clearly documented and easy to integrate solution for our developers to incorporate Intel WiDi into our applications such as ShowBiz 5,” said George Tang, VP and GM of ArcSoft’s Video and Home Entertainment Group. “The result is a much more enjoyable preview experience for consumers when making videos of their vacation, family, holidays, events, and so on.”

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CyberLink Corp. today released a new update to Power DVD 11, the award-winning media playback software for PCs. PowerDVD 11 now includes new features for seamless connectivity with smart devices so all digital media can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

PowerDVD 11 empowers users to fully experience a world of digital entertainment no longer bound by location or device. PowerDVD 11 introduces new features that take entertainment beyond the PC with support for wireless transfer and playback of content between tablets, PCs, and DLNA devices. Two new smart device apps from CyberLink, PowerDVD Mobile and PowerDVD Remote, work seamlessly with PowerDVD 11 so it is easy to share and play media between several devices.

“PowerDVD earned the recognition as the world’s ultimate media player on the PC through delivering an unparalleled digital entertainment experience,” said Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink. “Now CyberLink lets you bring this experience with you everywhere you go—on the PC, in the living room, or on the move.”

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CyberLink Corp. today launched PowerDVD Mobile, a brand new all-in-one media player for Android devices based on the award-winning PowerDVD media player for PCs. Users can now effortlessly play, share and wirelessly stream their local videos, music and photos between their PCs and Android-powered tablets. The announcement comes as CyberLink also today announces major updates to its flagship PowerDVD 11 universal media player.


Key features include:

  • Wirelessly download and share media from PowerDVD on the PC to Android tablets with Save To and Share On features.
  • Play media from your Android device to DLNA TVs with Play To features. PowerDVD Mobile will stream media to your DLNA TV so you can enjoy the videos and photos from your Android tablet on the comforts of the big screen.
  • All-in-one media player for videos, photos, and music on Android tablets so digital media can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.
  • Apply one-click photo enhancements to touch up photos and create and watch cool slideshows of the best images.

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Corel today announced the release of VideoStudio® Pro X4 Ultimate Edition. Built on the award-winning video editing power of VideoStudio® Pro X4, the new Ultimate edition offers action-sports videographers, HD-DSLR shooters and video editing enthusiasts an expanded set of high-end tools and plug- ins to take their creativity to new levels.


Offering users over $250 in additional value, VideoStudio Pro X4 Ultimate Edition provides enhanced image correction and stabilization tools, new sophisticated titling effects and faster ways to compress and share final productions.

"Consumers love VideoStudio Pro X4 for its straightforward approach to movie making, impressive artistic effects and outstanding speed-to-results," said Greg Wood, Senior Product Marketing Manager for Video Studio Pro. "With the release of the Ultimate Edition, we wanted to give our advanced users even more tools to boost the production value of their videos. From basic and advanced editing, to stabilization, to Hollywood-style titles and effects, VideoStudio Pro X4 Ultimate makes it possible to create impressive productions in record time."

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ArcSoft, Inc., an industry-leading software provider of multimedia technologies and applications across desktop, mobile and embedded platforms, today announced availability of the much anticipated ShowBiz 5 video editing software for Windows. While there is no shortage of video editing and movie creation software available, ShowBiz 5 aspires to succeed where others fall short, by making the process easy and enjoyable while delivering stunning results in a variety of popular media types.

ShowBiz 5 was designed from the ground up to be easy for consumers to quickly and easily create a movie with digital photos and video clips captured from a variety of SD and HD sources, by simply using drag-and-drop to add media onto a storyboard in the order they should play. Have a shaky video or need to rotate the video? No problem, ShowBiz 5 can fix it. Add some cool transitions in between video clips, add titles or even narration captured live from the PC’s microphone, and the finished movie is ready to be shared on YouTube® or Facebook® with the built-in uploading tool, transfer to popular mobile devices, or burn a DVD, AVCHD or Blu-ray Disc to enjoy on the big screen.

As a superb video editor, ShowBiz 5 is packed with advanced technology including stereoscopic 3D support, up-scaling of SD video to near HD quality with SimHD®, video stabilization, Blu-ray Disc burning, and much more. The new user interface of ShowBiz 5 is intuitive and easy to understand for new users; however, more advanced capabilities, including a robust timeline, chapter and marker settings, and video, photo and audio editing, are available if users desire more power and flexibility.

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LSI Corporation today announced LSI MegaRAID CacheCade Pro 2.0 read/write caching software for select LSI MegaRAID 6Gb/s SATA+SAS controller cards. The software is designed to dramatically accelerate application I/O performance of hard disk drive (HDD)-based arrays by intelligently caching frequently accessed, or "hot spot," data to solid-state drives (SSDs). MegaRAID controllers featuring CacheCade Pro 2.0 software can deliver up to 13X more transactions per second and an 82 percent cost savings compared to HDD-only arrays.  

The second generation software, which is compatible with LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260, 9261 and 9280 series controllers, is the industry's first SSD dedicated controller caching technology to offer both read and write caching using SSDs, extending the performance benefits of the previous generation CacheCade software featuring read-only SSD caching. 

"Until now, IT professionals dealing with Web 2.0 e-commerce, virtualized servers, OLTP and data warehousing workloads have not had a cost-effective way to use SSDs to accelerate their applications," said Steve Fingerhut, vice president of marketing, Accelerated Solutions Division, LSI. "They'd either have to manually tune applications to use SSDs as a higher performance tier of storage, which is both inefficient and expensive, or replace all server storage with SSDs at even greater cost and complexity. By deploying CacheCade Pro 2.0 software with a small number of SSDs, users can seamlessly accelerate application performance within their existing infrastructure, changing the dynamics of server storage and return on investment in the datacenter."

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