Toshiba announced its new line of 1.8-inch hard disk drives this week. The 160GB MK1617GSG and 80GB MK8017GSG feature a 1.5Gbps Serial ATA interface and 5,400 RPM rotation speed. Toshiba also claims that the MK1617GSG is 25% more efficient than its current 120GB model, the MK1216GSG.

Toshiba Corporation today announced a new line-up of 1.8-inch hard disk drives (HDD) adopting a serial ATA interface, including the industry's first(1) drive of this type with a capacity of 160 gigabytes. The new 160GB drive, MK1617GSG, and an 80GB drive, MK8017GSG, will enter mass production in August.

Toshiba’s new 1.8-inch HDDs boost interface speed to 1.5Gbps and offer a rotation speed of 5,400 rpm, faster than the current generation of Toshiba 1.8-inch HDD (MK1214GAH, parallel ATA, 120GB). By realizing the industry’s first 160GB 1.8-inch drive with a serial ATA interface, Toshiba assures that mobile PCs will be able to meet the most demanding user needs.
If you'd like to read more, Toshiba's entire press release can be found here.