Traxdata recenly announced the availability of its new 16GB SDHC card. This Class 6 rated card is capable of 6MB/s writing speeds and can hold six hours and 40 minutes of MPEG-2 video. Traxdata also announced that it has expanded its product lineup to include both miniSDHC and microSDHC memory cards.

Traxdata's SDHC 16GB allows users to store approximately 5000 four-megapixel images or approximately six hours and 40 minutes of MPEG-2 video on the one card. Rated Class 6 for data transfer speed, it is the highest speed class currently available, and means data can be written at a minimum speed of 6MB per second, perfect for high-definition video and images...

...In addition, Traxdata has also announced the availability of two new formats to its existing range - both a 4GB and 8GB version of the miniSDHC memory card alongside a 4GB microSDHC card, one of the smallest memory cards in the world. Both the miniSDHC and microSDHC are ideal for people who use their mobile phones for taking photos, download and store music on their phones or for those that use their mobile device for more complex use such as email, office documents and the internet.
If you'd like to read more, Traxdata's entire press release can be found here.