Verbatim introduces the new 100GB MDISC Blu-ray disc with an average lifetime of more than 1,000 years and high data storage capacity making it ideal for archiving. Most types of digital storage device are not designed to last beyond a decade.

verbatim 100gb mdisc blu ray

Incorporating titanium for added longevity, the Verbatim MDISC Blu-ray disc preserves stored data by engraving the information into a ‘rock-like’ recording layer resistant to light, temperature, and humidity. Museums, libraries and archiving institutions are already taking advantage of the protective benefits of the MDISC archival-grade technology developed by Millenniata Inc.

Verbatim’s MDISC Blu-ray disc is compatible with any BDXL capable Blu-ray drive. Virtually all Blu-ray writers and players manufactured within the last 18 months are compatible with BDXL.

With no more than 1 failure per 100,000 discs expected after more than 1,000 years at 25C (77F) and 50% relative humidity, data can be reliably stored for centuries on MDISC in a typical home or office filing cabinet.

“Archiving on Blu-ray or DVD is arguably the best option for home and business users because the expected lifetime is so much longer than other digital storage methods, and the Verbatim MDISC has the longest lifetime of them all,” said Chris Chalder, EUMEA Business Development Manager at Verbatim. “Now with the high capacity 100GB BDXL version, it makes it even more convenient for users by reducing the number of discs needed to archive everything.”

The typical lifetime of a hard drive is between 5-10 years, while Memory Cards, USB drives and SSD drives are between 3-10 years. In comparison, standard Blu-ray, DVD or CDs have an average lifetime of over 25 years and a Blu-ray or DVD MDISC is over 1000 years.

Verbatim’s 100GB BDXL MDISC is sold in a 5 pack (product number: 43834) for £89.99 or in single units (product number: 43833) priced at £23.99. A single-layer 50GB and 25GB Blu-ray MDISC and 4.7 GB DVD products are also available.