Instead of coming on a card or in a clamshell, the iXflash is packaged in a small, white box. The front advertises key features like the drive's 64GB capacity and its support for Apple devices like the iPhone and iPad. There is also a plastic window which lets you look inside the box and see what the drive looks like. The back of the box provides a bit more information regarding the iXflash's features, including its ability to instantly backup photos and videos and transfer them between your Apple device and computer.

The iXflash doesn't come with a lot of extras. Inside the box you'll find the drive and a small quick start with instructions on how to download and use the iOS app.

Physical Features:

The iXflash is fairly compact for a flash drive with both USB 3.1 and Lightning connectors. It measures 44.6mm long, 12.6mm wide and 8mm thick and tips the scales at a mere 10g.

The body of the iXflash is constructed out of lightweight, gray plastic and has a nice looking, matte finish. The drive is also protected by a silver, metal swivel that rotates around its axis to expose the USB and Lightning connectors.

I wasn't able to crack the iXflash open. However, using Flash Drive Information Extractor, I could see that the drive uses Phison's PS2310 controller. The app was not able to identify the memory chips but the flash ID (983C98B3 7672) indicates it is TLC NAND manufactured by Toshiba.