One of the things that makes the SecureUSB BT unique is the ability to unlock your data from an iOS or Android device. Simply plug your drive into any computer with a USB port, fire up the app and connect to it via Bluetooth and unlock your data using the password that you set. 

Setting up the SecureUSB BT is pretty straightforward. The first thing you'll want to do is install the SecureData Lock app which is available through Google Play and Apple App Store. Next, insert the SecureUSB BT into an available USB port on your computer.  At this point, the drive will undergo a quick self-test where the LED blinks green, blue and then red. Once it's done, it will light up a solid red, indicating that it is locked but not connected to any devices.

With the SecureUSB BT powered on, you can launch the SecureData Lock app on your mobile device. If this is the first time you've used it, you will need to pair the drive with the app by clicking on the "+" icon. The app will then use Bluetooth to try and find it. When it locates the drive, it will prompt you for the device ID that is printed right above the USB port.


Once the SecureUSB BT is paired with the SecureData Lock app, you can go ahead and unlock it. To do so, simply enter your password. If entered correctly, the lock icon in the app will turn green. The LED on the drive will also light up blue to show that it is unlocked and the data is accessible.


With the SecureUSB BT unlocked, you can use the SecureData Lock app to change the name of your drive as well as your password. You can also enable features like two-factor authentication and biometric unlock so that you can use facial recognition or your fingerprint instead of a password. It's also a good idea to enable the password recovery feature. Otherwise, if you forget your password, the drive will need to be reset and your data will be lost. 


To keep people from guessing your password, the SecureUSB BT utilizes a brute force hack defense mechanism. If an incorrect password is entered 10 consecutive times, then the password and all data will be deleted. The SecureUSB BT will then need to be reformatted and a new password created before it can be reused.