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Nero and Dual Layer Sony drive

PostPosted: Tue Jun 15, 2004 1:22 pm
by stevger
Nero recognizes the drive just fine however...

If I put in blank regular DVD media in it (DVD-R, etc.) and I start a new project, the "ruler" at the bottom which indicates how much space is on a disk stays at 8.5GB (there is a little vertical line which is supposed to tell you how close to being full you are, and it is at 8.5GB).

Note that if go over what can fit on a 4.7GB DVD, the bar will change color at that point, however it would be nice if the vertical line would move to 4.7GB if you insert 4.7GB media.

It burns just fine, but I am a little color blind, and it is often hard to tell how close I am to filling a disk.

Just a small issue.