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How to make an AVI with NeroVision ?

PostPosted: Thu Oct 07, 2004 8:26 am
by Monte-Cristo

First time here. I have Windows Media Center 2004. I record a program from TV. Windows Media Center makes it into a DVR-MS file, a standard developped by Microsoft.

What I want is to convert it into AVI.

I edit the file by taking out the publicity. At the end, I have a file of 23 minutes.

I click in NeroVision Express 2, on Export. There I have the choice of DVD, VCD, etc. and Personalize.

In Personalize, I choose AVI. I found myself with a file of 12 G after conversion !!!

So, I tried again by choosing XviD for video, and AC3 for audio. NeroVision Express 2 freezes.

I tried a few times, same result.

Any idea anyone ? How to compress to an AVI normal file with NeroVision Express 2 ?

Thanks in advance for the help.