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Nero Vision Express import

PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2004 8:36 pm
by Troughster
I am using Nero Vision Express, and adding MPEG files generated by GigaPocket.

When I was using NVE2, a 1 hour MPEG (approx 2.6gb) would appear in NVE2 as about 2.6gb, with the video quality set to "Automatic". I would then edit, burn to HD (15 mins) then onto a DVD (20 mins). :D

Now, using NVE3, when the same file is "analysed" as part of the import process, it seems to be getting automatically treated by NVE3 as a "Super Long Play" file of about 1gb. It then takes 1.5h to burn to HD. If I change the video quality setting in NVE3 up to "Standard" it takes 2h+!! :cry:

Surely if I leave NVE3 set to "Automatic" it shouldn't try to recode at all!

What's happening? :-?

Any help/advice would be most welcome!!