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Nero shows image recorder

PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2006 11:06 pm
by flash
I've installed Nero on one of my laptops and when I try to burn a DVD using Nero 6 it doesn't work because under "RECORDER" it only shows the stupid image recorder. I've tried all the Nero Ultra updates and none seem to help.
The weird thing is it worked once today though.......
I use AVG Free intivirus, Spybot Adaware etc.. and all are up to date.

My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite M65-S9202 Windows MCE 2005 with all updates installed and the burner is a Matshita DVD RAM UJ 840-S.

I try downloading the newest driver from Toshiba but that didn't seam to make a difference......

Any and all help or suggestions would be appreciated. (and I don't own Nero 7)

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 12:19 am
by dodecahedron
you drive: Matshita DVD RAM UJ 840-S
(is this a typo, is it Matsushita ?)
does not appear on the supported list of Nero 6 or Nero 7.
however i find it very unlikely the the drive isn't supported by either. it should be.
can you run Nero InfoTool and post the results ? screenshot + results dump as a text file.
does any software recognize the drive ?

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 5:46 am
by Han
Multiple Nero installations/updates cause a total mess which usually results in Image Recorder as the only device available. #-o

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 7:30 am
by dodecahedron
maybe uninstall nero, and clear the registry real good with all of those reigstry cleaners/"clean-packs" on Nero's website, then reinstall.

PostPosted: Wed Dec 20, 2006 5:04 pm
by flash
First off... yes it's a Matshita UJ-840S> I guess the "S" designation is an oem name depending on weather it's in a Sony Toshiba, Asus etc....

Thanks to everyones help because after using the reg cleaner programs from Nero's website my laptop now sees my Matshita drive as a recorder instead of the useless virtual device.

It's great that members here are so helpful with regards to each others needs.

I'll keep you posted if it disappears again.

PostPosted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 6:01 pm
by dodecahedron
welcome, glad things worked out.