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Pioneer DMREG55 DVD-VR problem...

PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 4:05 pm
by oRBIT
I recently recieved a DVD-VR disc created by a Pioneer dvd-recorder. However I can't do anything usefull with it. Neither my computer or stand-alone dvd-player can read it.
The disc isn't "closed" so I've tried "close dvd vr" in the latest Nero, but it fails for some reason. I've tried Ulead Movie Factory 3 and tried a "close disc" aswell, but gets an error message.
I'd really really like to get the video recorded on this disc copied to my PC (the disc works fine in the dvd-recorder, which I sadly don't have access to right now).
Anyone got some hints for me? I've tried IsoBuster but it only lists some different tracks on the disc. No filenames are visible. I can't access the disc through WindowsXP either (it just tells me to insert a disc).
Help! :)