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29.99 25 pack 4x dvd-r spindles at PC Club

PostPosted: Sun Sep 21, 2003 12:35 pm
by Dartman
Like it says 25 packs for 30 bucks, no rebates. It is on their web site and in the catalog they send you after you buy from them. The catalog has a coupon but on their site it just lists the price as 30 till 9/30 I believe.
It's regulary 54 bucks.
Both of my spindles come up as 4x capable on my Sony 500a. The orange topped ones are the Ricoh go4 or whatever that everyone likes, the silver topped ones are some generic brand. ... BR%2FMedia
I haven't actually burned any yet but others claim they burned fine on the feedback at the site.
Call before you head to a store, they don't always have them even if listed as being in stock.