millenniata logo.pngU.S.-based Millenniata ( today announced that Acer, Inc. is now offering a permanent storage solution to its global customers with the integration of M-DISC compatible Hitachi LG Data Storage (HLDS) DVD and Blu-ray optical drives in Acer computers.

Millenniata produces the M-DISC™, which provides data loss prevention by laser etching data (files, photos, videos, etc.) into an inorganic rock-like material that is not available from any other recordable DVD.

“There is a dirty little secret about digital data – as is, it will simply disappear over time. Traditional optical discs, flash drives and external hard drives aren’t made to stand the test of time,” said Paul Brockbank, Millenniata president and CEO. “Data written on an M-DISC with an M-DISC Ready drive, however, will last 1,000 years. We are very pleased to partner with Acer to ensure its customers’ digital lives are now protected.”

The M-Disc Ready drives are available on the recently launched M series of notebooks under Acer’s Aspire range.

Unlike M-DISC, other recordable DVDs use organic dyes to hold data, a material that is known to fade and degrade over time.

A recent study proves ‘data rot’ or data loss will occur on all discs at some point depending on storage circumstances, but not with the M-DISC. An accelerated life test performed by the U.S. Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division at China Lake, Calif. tested five brands of archival-quality DVD discs including the Millenniata M-DISC for data longevity and reliability. The test found that the M-DISC was the only solution that suffered no degradation or data loss. All other discs tested failed.

Hitachi-LG Data Storage, Inc. manufactures the M-DISC compatible drives in partnership with Millenniata. Only M-DISC compatible drives can write to M-DISC, but M-DISC can be read in any DVD drive.