Acronova Technology, Inc. is attending the CeBit 2010 in March and will introduce its newest disc publishing solution, the Nimbie Sidekick, to the European market for the first time.

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Nimbie Sidekick is a disc auto-loading system for selected Epson printers. Users can buy off-the-shelf Epson printers with manual disc printing function and attach the Nimbie Sidekick to enable automated disc printing of up to 100 discs in one process.

Without any complicated printer modification, users can simply attach the Nimbie Sidekick to their printers and start batch printing. Nimbie Sidekick is compatible with a range of Epson 6 color ink-jet printers, the colors are vibrant and the run-cost is minimal since no proprietary ink cartridges are required. Nimbie Sidekick can also be used with printers with CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) installed.

Nimbie Sidekick has two models, the NK50V and NK50Y. The Nimbie Sidekick becomes NK50V with an Epson printer attached for disc printing application only. The Nimbie Sidekick can also be transformed into NK50Y, an automated disc publishing (burn+print) solution, by attaching a printer plus a Nimbie NB11LS unit to it. The Nimbie NB11LS, is a PC-connected LightScribe publisher that can load up to 100 discs in one go and each burned disc will smoothly slide onto the caddy and into the printer for label printing.

The Nimbie Sidekick is the most flexible solution that the industry has ever seen. Since no modification is done to the printers, each device can be replaced easily. By detaching the Nimbie Sidekick, the printer can be used for paper printing again.

Based on years of research and customer feedback, the Nimbie Sidekick is designed with volume, quality, stability, flexibility and compatibility in mind. This exciting new product will be the highlight of Acronova's attendance at CeBit 2010.

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