Addonics Technologies today announced the CF/CFast Duplicator, a fast and economical solution for making copies of CF or CFast media. The new product comes in a range of models to allow users to duplicate four, five or 10 media. Prices start at $699 for the 1:5 and $1299 for the 1:10 CF or CFast Duplicator.

addonics cfast duplicator.jpg

The CF/CFast Duplicator is easy to operate. Simply insert a source media into the source slot and then insert the target media with equal or larger capacity into a destination slot.  Next, you push a copy button and that starts the copying process. There is no complicated software to run.

The CF/CFast Duplicator PRO offers a dual source feature, which allows copying either regular CF cards or the new CFast card. This feature allows the quick transfer of content in CF to multiple CFast cards or vice versa. The standalone duplicator is designed to clone any type of CFast or CF cards.

Other features include a CF card slot that is compatible with Micro Drive and the ability to copy up to 150 MB/sec depending on the performance of the media. The duplicators are also OS independent and have an LCM control module that provides robust configuration options.

The duplicators come in a sturdy metal frame that is well ventilated for efficient air flow. They take-up minimal space and weigh about nine pounds. They also have a low noise cooling fan. 

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