Today, Aleratec launched the 1:10 USB Copy Cruiser Mini, a portable 10-target USB flash drive duplicator created to support the mobile businessperson. Designed to pair with a laptop, these professional-grade devices boast some of the same features and technology as Aleratec’s larger, higher-end USB flash drive duplicators, but are small enough to easily fit into a briefcase or laptop bag.

aleratec usb copy cruiser mini duplicator.png

The USB flash drive has become one of the most widely used tools for individuals to share data and multimedia files because of their size, convenience, and universal compatibility. There is also a growing trend to use flash drives to distribute product information to customers, sales presentations, photos, files of all types to groups of users. Traditional USB flash drive duplicators save tremendous amounts of time and effort when creating copies of USB sticks, but are too big and heavy to be of use to the “Road Warrior” businessperson. Aleratec has solved this problem with the 1:10 USB Copy Cruiser Mini, a truly portable USB flash drive duplicator system that weighs less than 4 ounces!

Each unit comes with Aleratec’s USB Duplication Software Suite: a robust, full-featured package with a job wizard to help with selecting parameters, as well as functions such as Copy Only, Format Only, Format and Copy, Image Copy, Format and Image Copy. It also allows users to select the number of copies needed and has a File Copy option where one can select down to the file level for copying from available folders. During a copy job, the software’s intuitive display shows the status of each copy and number of copies completed successfully.

“USB flash drives are a great way to distribute information, but duplicating them is either tediously time-consuming or requires a duplicator that was not made for portability,” said Perry Solomon, President and CEO. “In the 1:10 USB Copy Cruiser Mini, we have designed a USB duplicator solution that professionals can carry with them wherever they go.”

The 1:10 USB Copy Cruiser Mini is designed for “Road Warrior” business users who need a portable USB flash drive duplicator. It is also ideal for Government and Education professionals seeking an unobtrusive and affordable solution. Other USB flash drive duplicators available from Aleratec include the 1:11 USB Copy Cruiser SA, the 1:21 USB Flash Drive Copy Cruiser, the 1:27 USB Copy Tower SA Flash Drive Duplicator and the 1:118 USB Copy Tower SA USB Flash Drive Duplicator.

The 1:11 USB Copy Cruiser SA, the 1:27 USB Copy Tower SA Flash Drive Duplicator and the 1:118 USB Copy Tower SA USB Flash Drive Duplicator are standalone devices that can duplicate your flash drives without the use of a computer. The 1:21 USB Flash Drive Copy Cruiser is a computer-connected unit that is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Price and Availability
The Aleratec 1:10 USB Copy Cruiser Mini is available for shipment now with an Estimated Retail Price (ERP) of $314.99 from Aleratec’s dedicated resellers and distribution partners.