ASUSTOR Inc. today has announced two new NAS devices will be released; the AS1002T v2 and AS1004T v2. These new models are upgraded versions of the AS1002T and AS1004T and uses an upgraded CPU now at 1.6GHz, providing better read and write performance than the previous generation. In addition, the hard disk controller has been redesigned to allow a hard drive capacity of up to 12TB.

asustor as1002t as1004t v2

ASUSTOR product manager Johnny Chen said: “Compared to the previous generation, the write performance of the AS10 v2 series has increased by more than 20%, providing home users with a smoother and faster storage experience. In addition, ASUSTOR offers a number of energy-saving designs in protect the environment and save money. The NAS also can hibernate all day almost without consuming power, making it suitable for users who need a NAS for the long-term to create their own dedicated backup solution."

The AS1002T v2 and AS1004T v2 are factory loaded with ADM 3.1. In addition to the 11 core features, there are also a variety of applications. Users can install their own applications such as PhotoGallery and LooksGood. Hi-Res Player, SoundsGood and other multimedia applications are also available. It is worth mentioning that ASUSTOR has launched a variety of mobile apps. Among them, AiMaster allows users to use a mobile phone or tablet to perform firmware installation, hard disk initialization, power management, access settings, and access to App Central in an environment with internet access. These applications enable users to go PC-free when using their NAS. In addition, ASUSTOR has developed an easy access feature that allows users to access the NAS data seamlessly using a mobile device through the Internet simply by creating a unique Cloud ID account.

ASUSTOR provides a three year warranty for all NAS. Please contact your local distributor for details.

For detailed product information, please visit the official website:

AS1002T v2 and AS1004T v2 specifications:

  • Marvell 1.6GHz dual core ARM CPU
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 1x Gigabit Ethernet port
  • Network read performance of up to 109MB/s and write performance of up to 108MB/s on RAID 1
  • Network read performance of up to 109MB/s and write performance of up to 93MB/s on RAID 5
  • 1x front panel USB 3.0
  • 1x rear panel USB 3.0, power button, factory reset button.
  • Easy HDD installation with thumb screws
  • Hardware based encryption engine
  • The AS1002T V2 supports RAID levels 0,1; single drive, JBOD
  • The AS1004T V2 supports RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 6, 10; single drive, JBOD
  • Supporting up to 12TB on a single drive and 16TB on a single volume
  • Supporting seamless system migration