World renowned memory and flash drive manufacturer KINGMAX recently launched super mini flash drive – PI-01. Its tiny size fits car audio, tablet and notebook well; and it is so short that users might even forget its existence. PI-01 comes with two colors: sapphire blue and mist silver, and capacity of 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB.


The tiny size of PI-01 protrudes only 0.7 cm long from USB port. For drivers, even under the circumstance of limited car interior space, which surrounding by many connecting devices or wires, PI-01 is so mini and short that it could fit USB port without being hit or getting stuck with other objects. PI-01 is tiny but capacious; the largest capacity 32GB model is able to save around 8,000 MP3 songs. With PI-01, drivers and passengers can enjoy a steady stream of music and don’t need to change disks anymore.

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Kingston Digital, Inc., the Flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, today announced the SSDNow E100 SSD, the company’s new enterprise-class solid state drive (SSD). The new drive enables enterprises to accommodate the performance demands required in support of big data and virtualization initiatives. The new Kingston E100 SSD achieves up to 10X improvements in endurance and reliability over client SSDs on existing hardware, while drastically reducing the physical footprint as significantly fewer SSDs are needed to handle the tasks of many traditional hard-disk drives (HDD).


The performance and processing requirements required in the rapid analysis of massive data sets and large collections of virtual systems have pushed many servers far beyond their breaking point. The next generation E100 SSD provides vastly higher IOPS compared to HDDs, dramatically reducing processing bottlenecks, computer latency and physical system limitations.

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verbatim_uhs-i_sdxc_card.pngMeeting the increasing demand for high-performance memory cards, Verbatim introduces a range of SDHC and SDXC Cards with UHS-I specification – the fastest category of high-performance SD cards available today with bus interface speeds up to 104MB/s.

Conforming to standards set by the SD Association, the UHS-I SDHC and SDXC Cards from Verbatim offer extremely fast read speeds of up to 600x (90MB/sec) and very quick write speeds of 166x (25MB/sec).

With a write protect feature to prevent accidental erasure of data and generous data storage capacities of up to 64GB available to capture and transfer high-definition (HD) movies and high-resolution digital photos, the memory cards from Verbatim enable professional photographers and videographers to use SDHC or SDXC-based cameras and camcorders rather than relying solely on CompactFlash or SSD. The increasing use of mobile applications also demands higher storage capacities and faster data transfer rates.

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At the beginning of August, Plextor announced the first details for the M5 Pro. Plextor now confirms it will start rolling out the M5 Pro series in several European countries in September and reveals more details about the new SSD line.


The M5 Pro is designed and engineered with prosumers, businesses, and small / medium enterprises in mind. The combination of the latest generation Marvell 88SS9187 controller and quality Japanese Toshiba Toggle NAND flash gives M5Pro enterprise-class performance. The M5 Pro boosts sustained random read / write speed up to 94,000 / 86,000 IOPS as well as continuous read/write speeds up to 540/450 MB/s. The drive also makes use of True Speed technology, which prevents the drastic performance drops seen in some SSDs after intense or long-term usage.

The Plextor M5 Pro introduces True-Protect: a unique protection system consisting of two layers to protect the integrity of your data. To confirm that each piece of data is correctly stored with 100% accuracy a 128-bit error correction code (ECC) built into the latest Marvell controller is used. This is complemented by a second layer of read protection offered by the Robust Data Hold-out algorithm in Plextor's exclusive firmware, allowing the drive to achieve total data accuracy even in the long-term.

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Marvell, a worldwide leader in integrated silicon solutions, today announced general availability of the Marvell® DragonFly™ platform, featuring DragonFly NVRAM and DragonFly NVCACHE. DragonFly is the storage industry's first intelligent NVRAM SSD accelerator – essentially a low-latency write-back cache running embedded software in a PCIe adapter form factor. Marvell is demonstrating DragonFly in booth #800-802 at the Flash Memory Summit, taking place today through August 23.

Marvell's revolutionary DragonFly platform is designed to remove the complexity associated with high-performance caching – while the rest of the industry continues to cobble together a hodgepodge of expensive DRAM, capacitors, SSDs, generic software and custom professional services. With DragonFly, Marvell has designed from the ground up a compelling fully integrated enterprise adapter solution that leverages the company's world-class chip technology and delivers the highest IOPS and lowest latency performance on the most consistent basis.

As the first in a new category of NVRAM-powered write-back caching solutions, the DragonFly platform plugs directly into commercially available servers with a PCIe slot. Moreover, it combines Marvell's SoC technology with its newly designed circuit boards. The result is a leading-edge sub-system solution that can consistently achieve 10-100x improvements in latency and server I/O performance while reducing power, space and storage capital costs in the datacenter. DragonFly is sold as a PCIe Gen2 x8 adapter with up to 8GB SODIMM ECC DRAM and up to 1.5 TB of external SSD storage; read, write-back and write-thru caching; synchronous low-latency peer-to-peer write-back mirroring; virtual machine migration and management tools; 3.2GB/s throughput; less than 22us latency; sustained 4K random performance of 220K IOPS read and 220K IOPS write; integrated onboard ultracapacitors to protect data in the event of power loss; and a wide variety of host operating system support, including RHEL, KVM, Xen, VMWare and Windows.

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