highpoint_rocketstor_6328l.pngHighPoint Technologies RocketStor SATA Adapters deliver twice the performance and four-times the storage capability compared to other eSATA Hubs in today’s marketplace.

The RocketStor 6328L and 6324L are the simplest and fastest way to upgrade existing SATA storage for use with Thunderbolt 2 platforms, and deliver significant performance and capacity advantages over Thunderbolt hubs, which offer only half the speed and one-fourth of the storage capability. These affordable, high-performance storage adapters provide 20Gb/s of uncompromised transfer bandwidth and are capable of supporting up to eight SATA hard drives or SSD’s via eSATA and Mini-SAS connectivity.

Dedicated Performance Architecture: Unlike conventional PCIe Expansion Chassis and first generation Thunderbolt hubs, the Thunderbolt 2 bandwidth provided by RocketStor 6328L/6324L eSATA hubs is dedicated to storage performance. Storage devices hosted by RocketStor adapters do not have to share resources with other I/O devices, and can operate at peak performance.

Palm-Sized, Compact Storage Solution: Each lightweight, all-aluminum chassis measures only 7” in size, weights little more than 2 pounds, and can easily rest in the palm of your open hand! The small-footprint design is ideal for any workstation environment; whether in the field, studio or home, and is the perfect storage companion for Apple’s latest Thunderbolt 2 computing platforms.

Versatile Storage Configurations: RocktStor 632xL eSATA hubs are capable of supporting any industry standard SATA hard drive and SSD via eSATA and Mini-SAS connectivity.

Unbeatable Value: RocketStor 632xL eSATA hubs are the industry’s most cost effective Thunderbolt 2 powered 4 and 8 drive storage solutions. The 4-Channel RocketStor 6324L is priced to move with an MSRP is $299, and the 8-channel RocketStor 6328L offers even more value with an MSRP of only $399! Conventional Thunderbolt hubs may save you a few dollars, but only support up to two drives and cut performance half!

RocketStor 6328L - Dual Thunderbolt 2 Ports / Dual external Mini-SAS Ports (SFF-8088) - High-speed eSATA Hub for up to 8 eSATA devices. North American MSRP: USD $399.

RocketStor 6324L - Dual Thunderbolt 2 Ports / Single external Mini-SAS Port (SFF-8088) - High-speed eSATA Hub for up to 4 eSATA devices. North American MSRP: USD $299.