In response to frequently asked questions from users on how and which recording medium should be used to retain important data to the highest possible standard, JVC Advanced Media U.S.A. Inc., the world’s leading manufacturer of optical discs, announced today the product launch of “Archival Grade DVD-R”.  We are also responding to increasing demand to retain data that requires a certain period of storage or is obliged to be submitted to administrative bodies, government bodies, etc.


JVC Advanced Media has taken this issue, i.e. the retention of data for a long period of time or submission, as a social responsibility.  The Company has started developing products that comply with ISO/IEC10995, which defines the test method to estimate the archival lifetime of the DVDR.

“Archival Grade DVD-R” is manufactured by exclusive production lines in Japan.  Quality control is set at the highest level and inspection frequency is approximately 10 times greater compared to standard products.  This allows the minimum fluctuation of the products needed to meet users’ strict storage requirements.

Product Features

1) ISO/IEC10995 Tested
These products passed the ISO/IEC10995, an accelerated aging test method used for estimating the lifetime expectancy for retrieving information stored on recordable or rewritable optical disc covering DVD formats such as DVD-R/+R.  The testing was done by a nonprofit organization called ADTC. The method is more strict as compared to the testing most optical manufacturers are doing using an average of the result. ISO/IEC10995 defines that 95% of the discs have to survive at the condition of 25C/50%RH.  (This condition is equivalent to over thirty years of archiving lifetime.)

2) Technologies to support long term archiving
Our “Archival Grade DVD-R” is a newly developed product and incorporates our highest levels of technologies and production experience spanning over twenty years.  The process uses specially developed silver-alloy as a reflective layer and organic dye with in-house developed additives to secure long term data retention. These materials are carefully selected for use to assure the low occurrence of writing error, which is extremely important for long term archiving. Furthermore, the product meets the standards of migration method for archival data storage using DVD formats such as ISO/IEC29121, JIS Z6019 and DA/T38.

Product Information

1) Part Number: J-DMR-ISO-WPY25-HC

2) 25 pack cake box

3) White inkjet surface

4) Writing speed: 1-16X

5) Country of origin: Japan