KINGMAX, a world-renowned professional supplier of memory products, has introduced the latest DDR5 4800MHz 16GB desktop memory. Fully compatible with Intel’s 12th-generation Alder Lake and Z690 platform, it has secured the QVL certification of a good number of main stream motherboard manufacturers, thereby attesting to its platform compatibility essential for this new era for PCs already here.

kingmax ddr5 memory

Compared with its predecessors, DDR5 4800MHz memory stands out as an utter upgrade in overall performance. In terms of speed, DDR5 starts with a base frequency of 4800MHz and its bandwidth of 38.4MB/s is at least 1.5 times faster than the maximum of 25.6MB/s offered by its DDR4 3200MHz peers. Coupled with dual sub-channels (32-bit) that run independently, data processing becomes substantially more efficient as the memory controller enjoys a much lower data access latency. Furthermore, on-die error correction code (ECC) goes a long way toward increasing reliability by minimizing errors; the DDR5 device can thus expect to keep up stability and data integrity while running at ultrahigh speed. Last but not least, an on-module power management integrated circuit (PMIC) can attain optimal power allocation across the board, thereby ensuring stable and efficient power supply while reducing interference and enhancing signal integrity.

In full compliance with JEDEC’s new standard, KINGMAX’s DDR5 desktop memory comes with two frequency options, 4800MHz (CL40) and 5200MHz (CL42); a power-saving operating voltage of 1.1V; and three capacities (8GB/16GB/32GB). To date such leading motherboard suppliers as GIGABYTE, ASUS, and MSI have completed their QVL certification of KINGMAX’s DDR5 desktop memory, attesting to its superior compatibility with a brand-new PC platform.

Relentlessly committed to the highest quality, KINGMAX adopts lead-free manufacturing processes and faithfully stands by the EU’s RoHS and CE requirements. In order to provide consumers with the best possible memory products, KINGMAX invariably has them undergo the most stringent inspection and testing ahead of delivery. For more product information, please visit our website: DDR5 Memory Module 5200