This week at CES 2023, KIOXIA America, Inc., the inventors of NAND flash, will highlight new technologies, products, and form factors designed to meet upcoming IT requirements and standards – including PCIe 5.0 and UFS 4.0.

In an ever-changing technology landscape, where evolving standards push performance levels higher and higher, KIOXIA stands ready for what comes next – thanks to its broad, diverse lineup of flash storage solutions. “Whether it’s the next connected vehicle, the next personal mobility device or the next smart city – we keep advancing flash memory to make the next thing possible,” said Alex Mei, vice president of corporate marketing for KIOXIA America, Inc. “Countless consumer devices and applications require flash memory and SSDs, and we are committed to continued innovation.”

KIOXIA CES exhibits can be accessed by visiting the company’s exhibit room (Zeno 4710) on Level 4 of the Venetian® Meeting Center from January 5-7 and include:

  • Scalable BiCS FLASH™ 3D flash memory technology solutions – including XL-FLASH™ and 4-bit per cell quad-level-cell (QLC) technology
  • Flash memory solutions for automotive, consumer and industrial applications – including SLC NAND, UFS 4.0 and XFMEXPRESS™
  • Broad lineup of KIOXIA SSDs - representing the latest standards, technologies, and form factors
  • KIOXIA client SSDs – including XG8 and BG5 Series NVMe™ SSDs

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