LaCie, the premium brand from Seagate® Technology Holdings plc, today announced the latest evolution of its popular mobile HDD storage line - LaCie Mobile Drive and LaCie Mobile Drive Secure. Trusted by design enthusiasts and creative professionals since its inception, LaCie consistently delivers iconic storage solutions in which form and function fuse into holistically enjoyable user experience.

lacie mobile drive family

LaCie Mobile Drive lives up to its LaCie pedigree with a design and construction built to last. Encased in an all-new innovative design by Neil Poulton, each drive features sturdy aluminum to bring strength to the enclosure. This new generation of LaCie drives includes important sustainability improvements by using post-consumer recycled (PCR) aluminum and plastic. Packaging in the box is also made from recycled cardboard.

"LaCie Mobile Drive is a simple yet standout product. It is classic LaCie with noble materials, clean lines, and a solid build. While beautifully detailed, the casing is forward-looking with sustainable PCR materials,” said Neil Poulton, LaCie storage designer since 1992. “After almost 30 years of continual collaboration with LaCie, Mobile Drive reminds us of the thrill of launching a brand-new design. Sometimes you design something that’s just right!"

The drives provide up to 5TB of portable capacity and universal out-of-box compatibility with PC, Mac, and iPad USB-C. One-click automatic backup makes file storage extra smooth, and the fast USB-C 130MB/s file transfers will guarantee a seamless experience. LaCie Mobile Drives are packaged with LaCie Toolkit software for on-demand and scheduled backups and a one-month Adobe Creative Cloud All Apps plan. With the included three-year limited warranty and three-year Rescue Data Recovery Services consumers can enjoy long-term peace of mind safely protected against data loss and retrieval costs.

Equipped with additional hardware encryption including a lock/unlock feature in the LaCie Toolkit software, LaCie Mobile Drive Secure differs from LaCie Mobile Drive by giving users an added layer of data safety and confidentiality. Both drives use USB 3.2 Gen 1 USB-C technology and are compatible with USB-C and USB 3.0 computers and tablets.

Available this month, LaCie Mobile Drive Secure is offered for retail prices of $99.99 (2TB), $144.99 (4TB) and $164.99 (5TB), and LaCie Mobile Drive is offered for $74.99 (1TB), $99.99 (2TB), $144.99 (4TB) and $164.99 (5TB).