lite-on_ehbu212_bd_writer.jpgLite-On, a global leader of optical storage solutions, is releasing three new optical disc drives to its product line-up: the external 12X Blu-ray Writer (eHBU212), the external slim 6X Blu-ray Combo (eSEU206), and the internal 12X Blu-ray Combo (iHES212).

The external 12X Blu-ray Writer, eHBU212, reads and writes blu-ray disc at a blazing speed of up to 12X. It also supports the latest plug-and-play USB 3.0 Superspeed. The eHBU212 is the true companion for BD fanatic and a must have for PC-based home theatre.

Also released are the external slim and internal blu-ray combo: eSEU206 and iHES212. These drives are capable of blu-ray playback, and burns DVD and CD disc. The eSEU206 is portable and lightweight due to its slim design; making it a perfect for notebook and netbook users or people constant on-the-go. The iHES212 is a half-height design for PCs; making it a great companion for home PCs.

“These three blu-ray drives can handle all your optical discs need for any home, office, travelers, or people constantly on the go,” says Christine Hsing, Marketing Manager for PLDS. “They are a must have for anyone with blu-ray needs.”


All three drives support 3D playback and capable of converting 2D contents to simulate 3D effects. Now you can watch 3D movie with your PC or home theatre. In addition, all three drives also feature Smart-Burn providing the highest writing quality for every burn. Smart-X is also included to reduce acoustic noise and vibration, resulting in the best playback quality.

The eHBU212 and eSEU206 are available now with an MRSP of $189.99 and $129.99 respectively, and the iHES212 with an MSRP of $99.99.