Lite-On has reportedly received additional OEM orders from Microsoft for more Xbox 360 DVD-ROM drives. According to DigiTimes, Lite-On has given top priority to Microsoft's orders and will be increasing production to more than one million Xbox 360 DVD-ROM drives a month.
In light of better than expected sales of Halo 3, Microsoft has decided to strongly promote sales of Xbox 360 consoles during the traditional peak period prior to Christmas and therefore has placed additional OEM orders, the sources explained.

To meet Microsoft's urgent demand, Lite-On IT has allocated production capacity solely for turning out one million Xbox 360 DVD-ROM drives a month, the sources pointed out. But the capacity is still not enough, and thus Lite-On IT has dedicated additional capacity, the sources indicated. However, the situation has conflicted with Lite-On IT's production of PC-use ODDs, the sources noted.
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