millenniata logo.pngMillenniata, the industry pioneer responsible for M-Disc’s lifetime optical data storage capabilities, today announced partnerships with the leading optical disc drive manufacturers in the world. Samsung, LG, and LiteON optical disc drives will carry the M-Disc logo to inform customers of the included M-Technology. The adoption of M-Disc by leading hardware innovators and software innovators such as CyberLink and Nero sparks a revolution in consumer and business Archival Storage opportunities. Partnerships with leading computer companies will be announced in the coming months.

Millenniata is also partnered with RITEK, the leading optical disc manufacturer in the world, to manufacture and distribute both the DVD and Blu-ray M-Disc through their own channels and through other leading optical brands. With world-wide distribution and broad industry support, M-Disc has created a platform for consumers and enterprises to archive their most precious data permanently across all storage platforms.

As the industry’s first consumer archival platform, M-Disc has elevated the storage industry’s overall standard. With the onset of consumer demand for more reliable and safe data storage capabilities, the M-Disc storage platform provides the capacity to store all data for up to 1000 years. The platform also eliminates the need for constant data management.

“We’re truly proud to be working with the industry’s most influential OEM leaders in the storage space, who have helped bring the vision of reliable optical data storage to life,” said Paul Brockbank, CEO of Millenniata, “Our consumer archival platform proves that the optical storage medium is alive and well, and we’re setting the standard for long term archival media longevity.”

The current data storage landscape for the consumer segment illustrates that digital media doesn’t withstand degradation and corruption over time. Consumers are becoming more aware of the frailty of their digital files and seeking methods to ensure storage for their lifetime.

M-Disc is the only data storage solution to withstand rigorous testing by the US Department of Defense. Even today’s leading archival optical discs weren’t up to the challenge. M-Disc is resistant to extreme conditions of light, temperature, humidity and more. M-Disc cannot be overwritten, erased or corrupted by natural processes. It’s also compatible with any DVD or Blu-ray drive, so data is accessible anywhere at any time.