millenniata logo.pngU.S.-based Millenniata and Imation, a global, scalable storage and data security company, announced today a strategic, marketing and co-branding agreement. Imation will co-brand and distribute Millenniata’s DVD M-DISC and the newly developed Blu-ray M-DISC. The M-DISC uses a proprietary process of engraving information into a patented inorganic rock-like layer, resistant to light, temperature and humidity, making it an ideal storage solution for valuable digital data such as photos, videos, music and business records.

According to the agreement, Imation, whose optical portfolio includes the Imation™, Memorex™ and TDK Life on Record™ brands, will co-brand the Blu-ray and DVD M-DISCs, which will then be marketed and distributed through Imation’s worldwide sales channels.

“We are very excited to gain Imation as a global partner. Imation is the world’s leading optical media provider and their strength and expertise is unparalleled in the digital storage market,” said Paul Brockbank, Millenniata president and CEO. “This new partnership will be vital in continuing to promote M-DISC as the only permanent storage solution to a growing consumer base around the world.”

“Increasingly, consumers and small business users are concerned about the preservation and protection of their data – which may range from personal photos, videos, and music to business or customer records,” said Greg Bosler, Senior Vice President, Consumer Storage & Accessories, Imation. “As a leader in data storage for more than 60 years, Imation is pleased to add Millenniata’s DVD M-DISC and Blu-ray M-DISC products to our portfolio, and look forward to bringing this innovative optical solution to our customers worldwide.”