Mitsubishi Chemical announced this week that their "ARLEDIA" DVD-R media is now being sold under the Verbatim brand. These archival grade discs feature DYN-AZO dye and a Au/Ag (gold/silver) reflective layer which offers twice the lifetime of conventional DVD-R media. The discs also have a special hard coating that protects the recording surface from scratches and fingerprints.

verbatim arledia dvd-r.jpg

The new Verbatim brand ARLEDIA media is available in both single (DHR47HAD1V1) and five packs (DHR47HAD5V1) which are priced at around 480 Yen ($5.79US) and 2280 Yen ($27.50US), respectively.

verbatim arledia dvd-r disc.jpg