NEC is reportedly demonstrating a HD-DVD burner at CeBIT. This new drive, called the HD-1100, is compatible with single and dual layer HD-DVD discs and can even write to both CD's and DVD's.
NEC is demonstrating the drive with media from Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co. Ltd., which is best known by its Verbatim brand name. The company is shooting high-definition video each morning at the show and burning it onto a disc for playback during the day, said Ryoichi Hayatsu, an NEC storage product division manager, in an interview.

The blank media, which only became available days before Cebit began, is single-sided so can store up to 15GB of data. The drive is also compatible with dual-layer discs, which can store 30GB. In addition, the drive, called HD-1100, also writes to DVD and CD discs.

NEC is also working on support for rewritable HD-DVD media although the standardization for HD-DVD Rewritable has yet to be completed. That's expected to be finalized in May or June this year, said Hayatsu.
While the HD DVD camp will be shipping their players first, they seem to be lagging behind Blu-ray when it comes to recordable technology. If you'd like to read more, the entire article can be found here.