QNAP Systems, Inc. (QNAP) today officially released the QuTS hero h5.0 operating system, the latest version of the ZFS-based NAS operating system. Including an upgraded Linux Kernel (5.10), improved security, WireGuard VPN support, snapshot instant clone, and free exFAT support, QNAP’s QuTS hero NAS provides exceptional solutions for data storage/backup, virtualization, or time-sensitive collaborative media editing.

qnap quts hero 5 os

“Data security is a top priority for QNAP, and we have implemented a major system kernel update for QuTS hero to enhance NAS security and reliability,” said Sam Lin, Product Manager of QNAP, adding “In QuTS hero h5.0, we have also optimized the overall performance to meet larger and complex business workloads.”

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QNAP Systems, Inc., a leading computing, networking, and storage solution innovator, today launched the 3-bay RAID 5 2.5GbE TS-364 NAS with M.2 PCIe Gen3 NVMe SSD slots and 2.5GbE connectivity, providing optimized performance in home/office environments. Supporting light virtualization/containers and HDMI output, the TS-364 provides a centralized storage, backup, file sharing, and multimedia solution that features rich NAS applications for greater productivity and boundless entertainment.

qnap ts 364 nas

“The new TS-364 NAS allows building a secure RAID 5 array with three disks for optimized storage capacity, cache performance and protection against one disk failing. With M.2 PCIe Gen3 slots, the TS-364 enables cache acceleration or SSD storage pools for improved performance, or Edge TPU for AI image recognition. Its 2.5GbE port accelerates network transmission while its USB 3.2 Gen2 (10Gbps) ports allow quickly transferring large media files,” said Joseph Chiang, Product Manager of QNAP.

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QNAP Systems, Inc., a leading computing, networking and storage solution innovator, today launched the dual-port QXG-10G2TB 10GbE network expansion card that supports up to five speeds (10GbE/ 5GbE/ 2.5GbE/ 1GbE/ 100MbE) and PCIe Gen 3.0 x 4 (compatible with PCIe Gen 2). Also compatible with Windows®/ Ubuntu® PCs, the QXG-10G2TB is power-efficient and serves as a high-performance entry-level 10GbE solution.

qnap qxg 10g2tb nic

“Suitable for home and small businesses users, the QXG-10G2TB network expansion card serves as a simple way for QNAP NAS or PC/workstation users to obtain high-speed 10GbE environments, providing advantages in numerous usage scenarios such as gaming, multimedia, virtualization, large file transfer and backup,” said Stanley Huang, Product Manager of QNAP.

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QNAP Systems, Inc. today launched the compact and versatile TBS-464 NASbook which is designed for small working spaces and mobile workers. Using four M.2 NVMe SSDs for storage, the TBS-464 supports HybridMount, which can mount storage from cloud and enable local caching, providing the ability to work with online files as quickly as local files. The multi-functional and near-silent TBS-464 provides two HDMI 2.0 4K 60Hz outputs, hardware-accelerated transcoding and streaming, and includes QNAP’s KoiMeeter for video conferencing and wireless presentations. With two 2.5GbE ports, the TBS-464 NASbook can achieve speeds of up to 5 Gbps with Port Trunking.

qnap tbs 464 nasbook

The TBS-464 NASbook packs serious performance and complete business applications into a tiny, portable frame. By seamlessly integrating cloud storage spaces, the TBS-464 provides the combined advantages of portability and storage flexibility to boost the abilities of modern offices and studios,” said Joseph Ching, Product Manager of QNAP, adding “With the ability to locally cache cloud-based files on the TBS-464, users can enjoy access speeds as if they were working within a LAN environment.”

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TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products for home, businesses and enterprises, presents its line-up of 8-bay storage servers designed to meet the needs of modern businesses for enterprise virtualization, data-intensive applications, and service continuity. TerraMaster’s Rackmount NAS Series is equipped with the latest technologies and advanced securities to deliver efficient performance with excellent data security making it ideal for business and government use.

terramaster 8 bay rackmount nas

The TerraMaster 8-Bay Rackmount NAS Series support up to 1000 user accounts with RBAC rights management and Windows ACL. This allows easy user and access rights management. The 8-Bay Rackmount NAS Series supports 2.5” and 3.5” drives and comes fitted with four RJ-45 1GbE LAN ports. All models also come with one PCIe 3.0 X16 slot and two PCIe 3.0 X8 slots offering expansion flexibility for 10GbE NIC cards or dedicated RAID cards.

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QNAP Systems, Inc. (QNAP) today officially released the QTS 5.0 operating system, which includes an upgraded Linux Kernel (5.10), improved security, WireGuard VPN support, and enhanced NVMe SSD cache performance. A new app (QuFTP) is available to help fulfill personal and business file transfer needs. Starting from QTS 5.0, exFAT is also natively supported free of charge on x86-based QNAP NAS, providing users with faster large file transfer and smoother media editing experience.

qnap qts 5

“With the new Linux Kernel 5.10 featuring greater hardware support, alongside advancements in security, QTS 5.0 demonstrates excellent capabilities for QNAP NAS to leverage the latest technologies and to protect digital assets,” said Tony Lu, Product Manager of QNAP, adding “Besides automatically updating apps, QTS 5.0 includes more comprehensive security settings, notifications, and related apps to help keep NAS up-to-date and ready to face changing environments and conditions.”

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Synology logoSynology Inc. today announced its new operating system, DSM 7.0, is generally available for the vast majority of its storage devices, including its enterprise NAS and surveillance-focused offerings, following a first point release focused on expanding support.

Since its official release, DSM 7.0 has received praise for its greater speed and efficiency. DSM 7.0.1, besides expanding availability to Synology's top-of-the-line devices, sees the release of several advanced functions, including expedited processing of support requests through Active Insight integration, Fibre Channel support, flash volume deduplication, and a K8s CSI driver to improve volume management in Kubernetes.

Together with this update, Synology is officially launching Hybrid Share, its hybrid cloud solution that brings the flexibility and scalability of cloud services to on-premises deployments. Hybrid Share enables simple and fast file synchronization between locations or offices, combining efficient local file caching with bandwidth offloading to the cloud to improve productivity while reducing IT burdens.

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Synology Inc. today announced the launch of its newest Synology C2 cloud application. C2 Backup provides powerful and efficient data protection for Windows devices, whether they are located at home or distributed across multiple offices.

synology c2 backup businesses

"With C2 Backup, we provide a fresh alternative for those who want centralized protection of their devices, wherever they are," said Yen-ju Lin, Product Manager for C2 Backup at Synology Inc. "It is easy to set up and use, and requires no additional hardware to protect Windows devices, allowing users to start backing up today."

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QNAP Systems, Inc., a leading computing, networking, and storage solution innovator, today introduced the 6-bay TVS-675 NAS powered by the x86 Zhaoxin KaiXian KX-U6580 8-core 2.5 GHz processor. Featuring dual-port 2.5GbE connectivity, dual M.2 SSD slots for cache acceleration, PCIe expansion, multi-cloud backup, 4K HDMI 2.0 output, expandable storage capacity and install-on-demand apps, the TVS-675 provides modern businesses with a cost-effective 2.5GbE NAS solution.

qnap TVS 675 nas

“The TVS-675 NAS has enormous processing power for driving virtual machine performance and tackling complex multitasking workloads.” said Stanley Huang, Product Manager of QNAP. “It is also a perfect match with QNAP’s numerous managed and unmanaged 10GbE/2.5GbE switches to create a high-speed, budget-wise, and future-proof collaborative network environment.”

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TerraMaster, a professional brand that specializes in providing innovative storage products for home, businesses and enterprises, launches the U12 rackmount enterprise cloud storage server equipped with a powerful quad-core Intel Xeon processor. The TerraMaster U12 is a 12-bay networked storage server with high scalability. The U12 is designed to meet the requirements of enterprise virtualizations, data-intensive applications, and service continuity.

terramaster u12 nas

The new TerraMaster U12 Series rackmount storage server is the ideal solution for business cloud storage servers, providing high-speed data storage for multiple sharing users. The latest TerraMaster U12 rackmount server features an upgraded processor, up to a quad-core Intel Xeon, and 8GB of DDR4 memory that’s upgradeable to 64GB maximum. The rackmount server also comes with two PCIe X16 Gen3 slots offering upgrade options such as 10GbE NIC cards and RAID cards. Also, users can configure and upgrade the CPU and memory to enhance performance as required.

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