Buffalo isn't the only company with a portable, BDXL compatible Blu-ray Disc writer on the way. I-O DATA Japan sent out a press release this morning, announcing the BRP-U6X. This USB-powered drive can write to triple- (100GB) and quad-layer (128GB) BD-R media at 4x and triple-layer (100GB) BD-RE media at 2x. The BRP-U6X is also capable of 6x BD-R, 6x BD-R DL, 6x BD-R LTH, 2x BD-RE and 2x BD-RE DL writing speeds and a maximum BD-ROM read speed of 6x.

i-o data brp-u6x bdxl.jpg

The BRP-U6X comes bundled with WinDVD BD3D as well as Nero Express Essentials and is expected to cost 22,100 Yen ($270US) when it hits stores at the beginning of April.

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Buffalo Japan sent out a press release this morning, announcing the industry's first portable, BDXL compatible Blu-ray Disc writer. Along with the ability to playback BDXL discs, the BRXL-PC6U2-BK can write to triple- (100GB) and quad-layer (128GB) BD-R media at 6x and triple-layer (100GB) BD-RE media at 2x. On top of that, the drive is capable of 6x BD-R, 6x BD-R DL, 6x BD-R LTH, 2x BD-RE and 2x BD-RE DL writing speeds and a maximum BD-ROM read speed of 6x. The BRXL-PC6U2-BK also features an LED indicator that shows whether or not it is getting enough power as well as a second USB cable to "boost" the power to the required levels.

buffalo brxl-pc6u2-bk bdxl.jpg

The BRXL-PC6U2-BK is scheduled to ship in late March and is expected to cost about 22,100 Yen ($273US).

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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in digital consumer electronics and information technology, announced today its new slim external 3D Blu-ray combo, the SE-406A optical disk drive (ODD).

samsung se-406a bd combo.jpg

Featuring a sleek design with an anti-finger print surface, the SE-406A adds Blu-ray 3D to PC's. The new drive includes CyberLink TrueTheater software to test PC readiness for 3D and Blu-ray content. It also transforms 2D DVD movies into a thrilling 3D experience. Beyond these features, the SE-406A reads Blu-ray discs and reads and writes CD/DVDs.

"With a compact footprint for easy portability, the new external 3D Blu-ray ODD is USB powered to eliminate electrical outlet requirements while enabling ultra fast data loading speeds versus previous models to quickly access video, audio and photo files," said Jim Elliott, vice president, memory marketing, Samsung Semiconductor, Inc. "As an eco-friendly product, the drive offers low-power consumption and is manufactured with lead-free soldering technology, which is compliant with international environmental regulations that limit the use of hazardous materials."

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Vinpower Digital announced the roll out of their USB 3.0 external BDXL writer, using the Pioneer BDR-206MBK drive. This BDXL external writer drive is able to copy the massively large capacity BDXL media, which can hold as much as 128GB on a single disc. That is over five times greater storage capacity than traditional single layer BD-R media. Plus, this product is one of the first of its kind on the market to utilize the much faster data transfer capability of a USB 3.0 connection.

vinpower digital usb 3.0 external blu-ray bdxl writer.jpg

“Most computers these days do not come with a Blu-ray writer or in the case of the many new laptops and tablets, no optical drive at all. The USB 3.0 External BDXL writer, using the Pioneer BDR-206MBK drive from Vinpower Digital allows everyone the opportunity to burn, view, and share content stored on all forms of optical discs, such as CD’s, DVD’s, or Blu-ray discs including the BDXL media, which is a quad layer BD-R disc and holds 128GB per disc, proclaims Calvin Chang, C.E.O of Vinpower Digital. Best of all, because it uses a USB 3.0 connection, the transfer rate is considerably faster, making for even greater convenience and reliability.”

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New entertainment products from ASUS to be shown at CeBIT 2011 include Blu-ray drives with advanced media format compatibility, 3D playback, smartphone remote control functionality and USB 3.0-based high speed write performance. Also on display at the show are all-new active noise cancelling headphones, designed to provide high quality portable personal audio.

asus oplay bds-700 blu-ray player.jpg

The new ASUS O!Play BDS-700 Blu-ray player uses Qdeo video post-processing to deliver clear, vivid images in native high definition and upscaling of 480p DVD content. It supports Blu-ray 3D playback on compatible screens for immersive movie-watching experiences, delivering 7.1-channel surround sound mastered in Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. An independent audio-only HDMI port on the BDS-700 guarantees improved high definition audio performance through a dedicated channel.

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According to Futuresource research, worldwide pre-recorded Blu-ray video disc production exceeded 400m units in 2010, an increase of nearly 60% compared with 2009. Factoring in PS3 titles, overall BD production volumes were significantly higher, and the longer-term outlook shows production volumes will continue to expand, with annual global output on track to reach two billion discs by 2014.

“The BD replication industry saw capacity utilisation improve markedly during 2010, with replicators working flat-out during the final months of the year to get product on the shelves in time,” says Jim Bottoms, Director and Co-founder, Futuresource Consulting. “With the growing demand for titles on the high definition format, Q4 2011 BD capacity utilisation will average more than 80% in North America and more than 75% in Europe. Taking into consideration production spikes during that period, the figure is dangerously close to the industry’s operating limit, and given the high level of market expansion expected over the next few years – driven by growing player ownership and falling title retail prices – substantial additional investment is required this year to prevent peak quarter capacity shortages.”

These shortages could result in order backlogs and compromised street dates. The problem will be further compounded by the increasing use of combo packs, featuring more than one BD, as well as collectors’ box set promotions involving some of the leading film franchises of recent years, which will put pressure on both replication capacity and hand pack capabilities.

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verbatim bd-re dl disc.jpgVerbatim, an industry pioneer and the world’s number one brand leader in optical media, is now shipping its Blu-ray Re-Writable Double Layer (BD-RE DL) discs nationwide.

Compatible with standard Blu-ray players and recorders from leading manufactuers, these BD-RE DL discs are re-writable up to 1,000 times and can support up to 1080p resolution videos and multiple audio formats.

Designed specifically for high definition video and audio data, these double-layer discs can support storage capacities of up to 50GB – twice that of a single-layer disc. Plus, Verbatim treats these discs with its own proprietary HardCoat™ technology to protect against scratches, fingerprints and dust build-up, reducing playback and recording errors.

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Verbatim’s new BD-RE DL 2X offers 50GB capacity, making it ideal for day-to-day backup, beta-testing for video and software applications or short-term recording for home video and and video content for professional broadcast.  The Hardcoat Scratch Guard protects against scratches  fingerprints, dust,  oil and water, and the proven SERL technology (Super Eutectic Recording Layer) ensures excellent  recording compatibility and excellent rewritability up to 1000 times.  With this additional new BD-RE DL 50GB 2X, Verbatim is now offering all Blu-ray formats available on the market. The new Blu-ray disc is available in stores now in a 5 Pack Jewel Case.

verbatim bd-re dl media box.jpg

Blu-ray media is getting more and more attractive to consumers - both for home and professional use - to record and archive data. Verbatim meets this demand with its new Blu-ray disc BD-RE DL 50GB 2X which offers up to 10 times the capacity of a DVD-R, guaranteeing reliable and safe short-term-backup of files, from home photos and videos to office documents. It offers excellent playback performance and thanks to its Hard Coat protective layer it can be rewritten up to 1000 times without loss of quality due to its proven Verbatim SERL Technology.

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Plextor have expanded their high-performance optical storage portfolio with the addition of the PX-LB950UE – their first external Blu-ray Writer. The PX-LB950UE boasts a combination of an incredibly fast 12x writing speed with USB 3.0 technology, advanced software applications and a stylish external chassis designed to offer reliability, accuracy and low noise.

plextor px-lb950ue.jpg

Every facet of the PX-B950UE has been designed to provide home and business users with a high performance, easy to use and versatile solution for backing-up large quantities of data or enjoying their favourite Blu-ray movies.

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Vinpower Digital announced the roll out of their USB 3.0 external Blu-ray writer drive, which is also backwards compatible with USB 2.0. This product is one of the first of its kind on the market and with a USB 3.0 connection, the transfer rate to burn a full length Blu-ray disc will be reduced dramatically.

vinpower digital usb 3.0 external blu-ray writer.jpg

With its initial launch at the 2011 CES trade show, the Vinpower USB 3.0 external Blu-ray burner offers up to 12X BD-R & 16x DVD±R write speed for specific models. In addition, some models offer LightScribe creativity for easy and inexpensive labeling as well. The drive connects to a computer via USB 2.0/3.0 cables, and is capable of reading and writing all optical disc formats including recordable Blu-ray, DVD, and CD! No matter what media you need to work with, you will have the right tools to get the job done quickly and accurately.

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