QNAP Systems, Inc., a leading computing, networking and storage solution innovator, today launched three high-capacity rackmount QuTS hero NAS: the 18-bay TS-h1886XU-RP with a quad-core Intel Xeon D-1622 processor, and the 16-bay TS-h1683XU-RP and 24-bay TS-h2483XU-RP with six-core Intel Xeon E-2236 processors. Featuring server-grade DDR4 ECC memory, multiple 10GbE ports, and abundant PCIe slots for greater I/O potential and performance, these ZFS-based NAS support inline data deduplication and compression, near-limitless snapshots, and real-time SnapSync - delivering the performance and features to excel in the Big Data era.

qnap quts hero rackmount nas

QuTS hero focuses on data integrity and features self-healing capabilities. It supports read/write cache technology to boost performance and provides multiple RAID configurations with RAID Triple Parity and Triple Mirror to enhance data protection. Individual shared folders allow for up to 1 PB capacity, enabling enterprises to tackle storage-demanding applications including Big Data analysis, edge computing, and AI.

QuTS hero supports various methods to assist with data reduction (including inline data deduplication, inline compression, and inline compaction) for optimizing storage usage and performance. Users can create near-limitless snapshots for multi-version backups. The advanced block-based real-time SnapSync ensures that the primary NAS and the secondary NAS always keep the same data, providing minimal RPO to achieve real-time disaster recovery.

The QuTS hero App Center also provides a wide range of install-on-demand apps to expand NAS application potential, such as hosting virtual machines and containers, simplifying local, remote, or cloud backups, performing cloud storage gateway, and more.

QuTS hero NAS supports 10GbE, PCIe expandability, and Fibre Channel SAN

The enterprise-grade TS-h1886XU-RP, TS-h1683XU-RP and TS-h2483XU-RP all feature Intel® Xeon® processors with ECC memory. A redundant power supply is also included to ensure continuous operations. Multiple 10GbE ports boost the performance of virtualization, large file sharing, and intensive data transfer, and the support for RDMA helps lower CPU usage.

Connectivity can also be increased by installing various PCIe cards, including 10/25/40GbE network cards, QM2 M.2 SSD/10GbE cards, Fibre Channel cards, and SAS 12Gb/s expansion cards for connecting storage expansion enclosures. QNAP also offers numerous managed and unmanaged 10GbE switches, assisting organizations in implementing high-speed, secure and scalable network environments without going over budget.

Learn more about QuTS hero at https://www.qnap.com/quts-hero/

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