Rimage has announced that it will be launching its new Video Protect technology at the NAB 2007 show. According to their press release, Video Protect prevents ripping of copying of DVD's while ensuring a very high level of playback compatibility.
When digital content must be guarded against inappropriate copying, Rimage customers can trust Rimage Video Protect to provide a solid barrier against unauthorized copying. This new feature is built into the Rimage software suite, ensuring seamless execution and streamlined workflow when using QuickDisc or Rimage Rapid API authoring operations. Pre-release content, screeners and on-demand production DVDs can now be protected on-the-fly using Rimage Video Protect on a Rimage digital publishing system.

"With Rimage Video Protect, our customers can protect their sizeable investments in original content," said Dave Suden, chief technical officer for Rimage. "This exclusive technology is highly desired by our customers in the digital content production and distribution marketplace, and we believe it delivers a stronger and more compatible anti-rip solution than others on the market."

Rimage Video Protect inhibits ripping and disc copying software, not playback devices, from performing as intended, ensuring excellent playback compatibility. The seamless integration of Rimage Video Protect into the Rimage system allows content producers to protect revenue and distribution plans without changing workflow processes or compromising deadlines.
Video Protect is built into the Rimage software suite and will be available as a feature on the Producer III series and 5100/5300 series digital publishing products beginning in June 2007. More information can be found here.