rimage 5400n disc copy station.jpgRimage Corporation, the industry-leading provider of on-demand CD/DVD/Blu-ray Disc publishing systems, has introduced the patent-pending Rimage 5400N Disc Copy Station, a new system designed to copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs with the ease of a paper copier. The 5400N Disc Copy Station is now available for order through Rimage’s Value Added Reseller network.

Optical discs are increasingly replacing paper documents in business workflows. Often, this drives a need in companies of all sizes for functional replicates of original discs for documentation management, data distribution or the replacement of lost discs.

The 5400N Disc Copy Station makes creating working copies of existing discs as simple as inserting a disc to be copied into the system and pressing the “Copy” button. The Disc Copy Station photographs the disc label, reads the contents, records the contents on a blank disc, and prints a near-perfect replica of the original disc label. Multiple working copies of the original disc can be created as one job. This automated process eliminates the complex task of finding the original label and contents, creating or purchasing the original label from a past supplier, or manually writing information on the disc. Using the Disc Copy Station is faster than manual alternatives, which often tie up skilled professionals for hours.

“We’ve seen a growing demand from our customers for a way to quickly and easily copy CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs,” said Christopher Wells, vice president of marketing and strategy, Rimage. ”The Disc Copy Station meets that need while fully functioning as a disc publisher for new-to-the-world discs. It is really two products in one.”

The Rimage Disc Copy Station comes standard with Blu-ray Disc recorders and has three input bins for each disc type. In addition, the Disc Copy Station leverages Rimage’s current Rimage 5400N system with features and functionality that allow it to perform double duty as both a networked CD/DVD/Blu-ray disc publisher and a disc copy appliance.

“We are proud to provide innovative solutions that allow business and IT professionals to focus on their core responsibilities rather than being distracted by time-consuming tasks like making disc copies,” said Rick Backlund, worldwide product manager, Rimage.