The German website heise online has gotten their hands on Samsung's upcoming Blu-ray writer, the SH-B022. According to the article, they were able to burn an entire 25GB BD-R disc in 43:40 minutes. Translated from German:
The combustion with 2X (corresponds to a transfer rate of 8990 KByte/s) lasted 43:40 minutes. The drive assembly described but announced a once recordable blank (Bd-r) from the fundus of the editorship meanwhile not, that the mark was not supported by the write strategies in the firmware.

Our bench mark program h2benchw could address the drive assembly without problems and determined quite good transfer rates. A Bd-RH is picked out with on the average 8.6 MByte/s, a Dvd-9 with 6,0 MByte/s, an Dvd r with 11,6 MByte/s and an CD-r with 4,4 MByte/s. The middle access times moved between 259 ms with the Bd-RH and 114 ms with an CD-r. The error correction during the reading worked with a badly burned test DVD r very well and with one scratches test CD Rome well. Badly pressed Dvd Rome did not recognize the Sh-b022 however. With a scratched audio CD we heard starting from 1.2 mm scratch width of interferences, copy-protected music CDs however with an exception everything were already played.
The drive Heise used was a preproduction sample and was lacking support for things like CD/DVD writing and AACS. Expect to see the drive on the US market in April for about $500. If you'd like to read more, the entire article can be found here.