The latest special edition Game Drive for Xbox from Seagate has arrived! In collaboration with Microsoft and Rare, Seagate introduces the Game Drive for Xbox Sea of Thieves Special Edition.

seagate sea of thieves game drive xbox

As the official storage device for Xbox — and with an exclusive in-game weapon The Midnight Blunderbuss, an image of Sea of Thieves’ “Reaper’s Mark” on the case, and access to Xbox Game Pass — this product is the perfect companion for the highly anticipated Sea of Thieves title which launches on March 20.

Seagate Game Drive for Xbox Sea of ThievesThe newest addition to Seagate’s popular line of storage for gamers, the Seagate Game Drive offers 2TB of capacity to store 50+ Xbox games, plug-and-play functionality, and a compact size to enable portability. Special Edition Xbox Game Drives also come with a 1-month membership of Xbox Game Pass which means customers can enjoy access to a catalogue of over 100 great games — including Sea of Thieves.

Setup is easy with Seagate’s Game Drive for Xbox. The Xbox will automatically detect and help gamers set up the new drive in seconds. And with USB 3.0 speeds, games playing from the Game Drive will perform just as if they were playing from the console’s internal hard drive.

The drive is easily portable, meaning gamers can even bring it, along with their entire game library, to a friend’s house. It’s small enough to slip into a pocket, doesn’t need a separate power cord and can store a catalog of downloaded games and achievements for continued gameplay on any Xbox One X or Xbox One console.

The Seagate Sea of Thieves Game Drive for Xbox Special Edition will ship March 20 with an MSRP of $89.99. As with all special editions there will be limited numbers available, so be sure to grab one before you embark on your buccaneering adventure!