TerraMaster, a professional brand focused on providing innovative storage products for homes and businesses, recently introduced the TPC Backupper, a free Windows backup and synchronization software for TDAS users. It allows easy backup of the operating system, settings, applications, and any data on a Windows PC. The tool facilitates the quick synchronization of files to another location, meeting users' comprehensive data protection needs.

terramaster tpc backupper

TPC Backupper Key Features

Simple and Efficient
With its diverse backup features and user-friendly interface, TPC Backupper ensures the constant protection of your system and data security, performing quick recovery when needed. Most importantly, it is completely free for personal use.

Back Up Everything
TPC Backupper supports multiple data backup methods, including system backup, disk backup, partition backup, file backup and cloud backup, almost meeting the backup needs of all Windows users. In the event of unpredictable data loss or system failure, quickly restore your computer to an earlier state or retrieve lost files from backup images. It's a time-saving and effortless process.

More Tools
As an integrated backup software, TPC Backupper includes many practical tools and flexible settings. These include creating bootable emergency media, compressing backup images, splitting backup images, checking backup images, merging backup images, email notifications, exporting/importing configurations, viewing logs, and more. This makes it an ideal choice for most data protection needs.

Support All TDAS Models
TPC Backupper compatible with all TerraMaster DAS products, such as D8 Hybrid, D5 Hybrid, D6-320, D4-320, D2-320, D5-300C, D5-300, D4-300, D2-300 and D2-310 and even the USB products from other brands.

8 bay HDD and M.2 SSD Hybrid Storage
The crowdfunding campaign for TerraMaster industry-leading 8-bay USB3.2 10Gbps RAID storage,the D8 Hybrid, has concluded. It will officially go on sale worldwide by the end of June. Come and try the storage combination of D8 Hybrid and TPC Backupper to protect your data security!

For more details, please visit https://www.terra-master.com/global/terramaster-tpc