Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation (Toshiba)announces the release of its MG10F Series 22TB HDD, a conventional magnetic recording (CMR) HDD that leverages Toshiba’s 10-disk helium-sealed design.

toshiba mg10f 22tb hdd

As a key building block in cloud and storage infrastructure, the MG10F 22TB delivers 10% more capacity than Toshiba’s prior generation 20TB model. Designed and engineered to meet their growing data storage needs of its largest customers, the MG10F 22TB HDDs are compatible with a wide range of applications and workloads for both cloud-scale and traditional data-center use cases. The increased capacity of the 22TB MG10F helps cloud-scale infrastructure build higher storage densities at a lower TCO.

The MG10F Series HDD features 7,200rpm performance, a 550TB per year workload rating, and a choice of SAS and SATA interfaces—all in a power-efficient helium-sealed, industry-standard 3.5-inch form factor.

Sample shipments of 22TB MG10F Series HDD with the SAS interface are expected to start this month, and with the SATA interface in the fourth quarter of the year.