According to an article at Reuters, Toshiba has pushed the launch of their HD DVD players back until April. While they have not set a specific date, Toshiba is expected to release their players on April 18th, the same day the first HD DVD titles are available.
The launch of HD-DVD took another hit Wednesday with Toshiba announcing it is holding off on shipping next-generation players until April, a month behind schedule.

Last week, Warner Home Video, the only studio that had set firm release dates for high-definition DVD software, said it wouldn't release its first three titles until April 18, three weeks behind schedule, because of technical issues.

On Wednesday, Toshiba said its players, which had been slated to go on sale in large consumer electronics retailers like Best Buy late this month, won't be made available for purchase until the software arrives in stores.
This delay is a smart move on Toshiba's behalf. Without any titles, there's really no reason to buy one of their HD DVD players. If you'd like to read more, the entire article can be found here.