Verbatim also announced a new Mini DVD+R Double-Layer (DL) disc. Measuring only 8cm in diameter, these discs can hold up to 2.66 GB of data or 60 minutes worth of DVD quality video.
Verbatim Corporation, a pioneer in developing advanced DVD and Double Layer technologies, announced today a new Mini DVD+R Double-Layer (DL) disc. Measuring only three inches (8cm) in diameter, the new discs provide a full hour of continuous video capture time on a single side or 2.66GB of storage capacity--almost twice the capacity of current mini DVDR discs. Three-packs of Verbatim Mini DVD+R DL media will be available in the spring of 2006, when the new Mini +R DL-compatible camcorders are launched. The media can also be recorded with drives supporting the +R DL format.
No word on price yet. However, Verbatim expects to ship the discs in the spring of 2006. If you'd like to read more, Verbatim's entire press release can be found here.