vinpower digital ripbox.jpgVinpower Digital is proud to introduce the new RipBox Optical Disc (CD, DVD, BD) copy and ripping station based on the Cube series of duplicators. The RipBox units are automated systems with a robotic transport arm that connects to a computer via USB. The RipBox can be operated through various software applications like Vinpower’s BPR 2000 Lite, a third party software, or even through the users own proprietary operation software that can be adapted to control the RipBox through an SDK provided by Vinpower.

The RipBox can be purchased with or without software, allowing the user to maintain costs more effectively, which is particularly important in these financial times. For this reason, Vinpower recently collaborated with ImgBurn, creator of popular freeware burning and ripping software, to create the recently released version This software can easily be downloaded from the ImgBurn website ( for free. “Utilizing the Vinpower RipBox with the ImgBurn freeware not only affords the user significant savings over competitive products, but also provides a very useful and reliable compact ripping device,” states Ryan Swerdloff, VP of Marketing at Vinpower Digital.

The RipBox was developed in particular for archival of important documents and information, ripping items from an optical disc onto a server or computer, information overflow such as copying video content from surveillance cameras before the HDD fills up and starts to overwrite itself, and so much more. Whether the RipBox is used frequently or only occasionally, it’s compact casing and hidden disc carriage allows the unit to be out of the way and readily available when needed.