Model: DIGISTOR REWIND Archiving Software
Manufacturer: DIGISTOR
Provided By: DIGISTOR

DIGISTOR is a leading innovator, manufacturer and distributor of digital archiving products and secure storage solutions. Serving the industrial and global OEM market since 2001, DIGISTOR also now provides industrial-grade archiving and digital-video storage solutions to consumers and professional end users. Along with a number of DVD and Blu-ray burners, the company's product lineup includes portable hard drives, recordable Blu-ray media and other digital storage solutions.

As the amount of digital data continues to grow, it’s more important than ever to keep a secure, permanent copy of your files. Unfortunately, most people make little or no effort to protect their personal data and could easily lose a lifetime of photographs at any time. Those that do back up their data often use an external hard drive or USB flash drive. While easy to use, neither solution is designed for longevity and they will eventually fail. Not to mention, having your backup sitting on a drive right next to your computer doesn't help much in the case of fire, theft or other natural disaster. Cloud-based backup solutions solve both of these problems by offering redundant offsite backup. However, it opens the door for a host of other concerns including cost, bandwidth and the security of your data.

While not nearly as popular as it once was, recordable optical media is an affordable and effective way to archive your data. Most people already have a DVD writer in their computer and recordable CDs and DVDs are relatively cheap. More importantly, good quality discs will last for decades if stored and handled correctly. Aside from the fact that it takes more work to burn a disc than to setup an automated backup to hard drive, the biggest downside of recordable CDs and DVDs is their capacity. With a maximum capacity of 700MB, CD-R/RW media is nearly obsolete and single layer, recordable DVD discs are not far behind. Thankfully, the Blu-ray format has given optical media a much needed boost, offering capacities of 25GB, 50GB and now 100GB on a single disc and a longevity of up to 50 years or more.

As you'd expect, DIGISTOR has been a strong supporter of the Blu-ray format. The company sees it as being the easiest and most cost effective method for the average consumer, photographer or video professional to permanently store their data. To help streamline this process, DIGISTOR recently launched its REWIND archiving software for PC and Mac. This affordable alternative to hard drive and cloud-based backup solutions enables permanent and secure archiving on Blu-ray discs. Designed for ease-of-use by both consumers and professional users, REWIND features a user-friendly interface as well as automatic file and folder tracking. It also has the ability to update existing archives, span multiple discs and pause an archive mid-burn, letting you finish it later. Along with that, it has an embedded restore application that ensures restoration of archived files to any computer, without having to install software.

Now let's take a closer look at DIGISTOR's REWIND software and see how well it works when creating, updating and restoring archives.

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