Like most USB flash drives, the Supersonic Rage Pro comes packaged in a cardboard blister pack. The front of the card advertises many of the drive's key features including its capacity, rated speed, UASP support and USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface. The back of the card provides a bit more information regarding the Supersonic Rage Pro's features, capabilities and supported operating systems.


Physical Features:

While not the smallest flash drive in Patriot's lineup, the Supersonic Rage Pro is still fairly compact. With the cap on, the drive measures 5.9cm (L) x 2.1cm (W) x 0.8cm (H) and weighs in at about 11g.

While the ends of the Supersonic Rage Pro are plastic, the body is constructed out of aluminum. According to Patriot, this provides protection from physical damage as well as better thermal performance. The body also has large Patriot logo as well as one showing the Supersonic Rage Pro model name and its capacity.

On the end of the Supersonic Rage Pro there is a loop where you can attach the drive to your key ring. While you can't see it in these pictures, there is an LED behind the loop that lights up red whenever the drive is transmitting or receiving data or is in the identification process. Using the loop, you can also store the Supersonic Rage Pro's cap on the back of the drive. Unfortunately, it is not a real solid fit and I was always worried that it would fall off. 

I wasn't able to crack the Supersonic Rage Pro open. However, using CrystalDiskInfo, I could see that the drive uses Silicon Motion's SM3282 controller. Designed for use in portable SSDs, this single-chip hardware and software solution features an on-chip USB 3.2 interface as well as support for the USB Attached SCSI Protocol (UASP) and 2 NAND channels with 4 CE (Chip Enables) per channel.