Like many other USB flash drives, the Samsung FIT comes packaged in a cardboard blister pack. The front of the packaging advertises many of the drive's key features including its capacity, rated speed and that it's water, magnet, temperature and x-ray proof.  The back of the card provides a bit more information regarding the Bar's storage capabilities, warranty and supported operating systems.


Physical Features:

The FIT is currently the smallest flash drive in Samsung's lineup. The drive measures 19.67mm long, 15.44mm wide and 8.7mm thick and weighs in at about 2.6g. At this size, it's barely noticeable when carried in a pocket or when it's plugged into your notebook computer.


The body of the FIT is constructed out of metal for added durability. According to Samsung, the drive can survive up to 72 hours in seawater, endure up to 1500G shocks and protect your data against damage from airport x-ray machines. The end of the FIT is also covered by a white, plastic piece which is there to make it easier to insert and extract the drive from devices. There is also a hole for use with a lanyard, but its so small that its hard to get anything through it.

I wasn't able to crack the FIT open. However, using Flash Drive Information Extractor, I was able to see what controller and memory chips it uses. Looking at the screenshot below, you can see that Samsung has used Silicon Motion's SM3267 controller as well as their own K9ADGD8U0D TLC NAND flash.