Like many other USB flash drives, the SanDisk Extreme PRO comes packaged in a cardboard blister pack. The front of the card advertises many of the Extreme PRO's key features including its capacity, rated speeds and file encryption with SanDisk's SecureAccess software. The back of the card provides a bit more information regarding the Extreme's features, capabilities and supported operating systems.

Physical Features:

While far from being the smallest flash drive in SanDisk's lineup, the Extreme PRO is relatively compact for a USB 3.0 flash drive. With the USB connector retracted, the drive measures 2.79" (71mm) long, 0.84" (21mm) wide and 0.45" (11mm) thick.

The body of the Extreme PRO is constructed out of lightweight, black plastic which is protected by a durable aluminum casing. While the black plastic has a glossy finish, the aluminum casing has a rougher, matte finish which makes it a little easier to hang onto the drive. The Extreme also has a hole on the end so that it can be attached to your key ring.

The Extreme PRO's USB connector is exposed using a sliding mechanism that can be manipulated with your thumb. This sliding mechanism is spring assisted and, while a bit stiffer than the one on the original Extreme, is very smooth. There is also an LED underneath the mechanism which lights up blue whenever the drive is transmitting or receiving data or is in the identification process.