Like many other USB flash drives, the SanDisk Ultra +Cloud comes packaged in a cardboard blister pack. The front of the card advertises key features like the capacities of the drive and the included cloud storage as well as its support for 256-bit encryption. The back of the card provides a bit more information regarding the Ultra +Cloud's features, capabilities and supported operating systems.


Physical Features:

While not nearly as small as the Cruzer Blade or Fit, the SanDisk Ultra +Cloud is still fairly compact. With the USB connector retracted, the drive measures about 56 mm long, 21 mm wide and 10 mm thick. At this size, the SanDisk Ultra is barely noticeable when carried in a pocket or on a keychain.

The body of the Ultra +Cloud is constructed of a lightweight, white plastic. While the top has a glossy finish, the sides and bottom have a rougher, matte finish which makes it a little easier to hang onto. The Ultra +Cloud also has a hole on the end so that it can be attached to your key ring.

The Ultra +Cloud's USB connector is exposed using a sliding mechanism which can be manipulated with just your thumb. Underneath the sliding mechanism is an LED which pulses rapidly when data is being transferred and slows down when the drive is idle.