The SecureUSB KP comes packaged in a plastic clamshell that gives you a clear view of the drive. The packaging also advertises many of the drive's key features including its 32GB capacity, automatic backup and antivirus, FIPS compliance, alpha numeric keypad and 3 year warranty. Inside, you'll find the SecureUSB KP, a protective sleeve and a quick start guide.


Physical Features:

The SecureUSB KP measures 65 x 20 x 10 mm and tips the scales at 14g without the sleeve. While this is a bit on the large side for a flash drive, its hardware encryption engine, physical protection mechanisms, built-in battery and keypad account for most of the extra bulk and weight.


While the ends of the SecureUSB KP are plastic, the body is constructed out of aluminum. For the keypad, SecureData has used some sort of rubbery material that is wear resistant to prevent unauthorized persons from seeing commonly used numbers. Above the keypad, there is also a small LED panel that shows the status of the drive. These indicators will light up solid or blink to indicate whether the drive is locked, unlocked or transferring data.

The SecureUSB KP comes with a rugged, extruded aluminum sleeve that protects the body of the drive from physical damage as well as dust and water to depths up to 1 meter.

The SecureUSB KP's internal components are protected by an epoxy compound so I wasn't able to crack it open. However, using Flash Drive Information Extractor, I could see that the drive uses Phison's PS2313 controller. Unfortunately, the app was not able to identify the memory chips being used.