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Xj-166S (lite-on) slow dvd ripping problem.

How fast is too fast?

Xj-166S (lite-on) slow dvd ripping problem.

Postby gurgenpb on Wed Apr 09, 2003 4:01 pm

Hey guys please help.

I traded my lite-on 163D for the 166S and have so far regretted it greatly. The 163D used to rip dvds very very fast. While the 166S doesn't go above 6x or so (instead of the 8-12x I used to seeing on dual layer dvd disks).

Is this inherent to the 166S. If so, is this a firmware oimitation on encrypted disks. I rip using dvd decryptor and a 7.5GB disk took about 25 minutes whereas it would take no more than 10 on my 163D.

Any help please. I tried this both iwth and without Intel AA and the DMA modes are ON.

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Postby vbl117 on Wed Apr 09, 2003 6:40 pm

The XJ-HD 166S can reach 7.75X Max for a 6.6 GO Dual layer DVD ( we can say it is nearly 8X ) . for Single Layer DVD it reaches 16X Max .
If you cannot go much higher than 6X for a 7.5 GO DVD VIDEO it is not drive's fault ( though i cannot say if LTD-163 rips better Dual Layer DVD VIDEO ) .

I use Smart Ripper .

Take a look at my review .

Also post your system configuration it could help . Flashing with latest Firmware could help too ( i have not tested my drive Dual Layer DVD ripping ability with original Firmware ) .


For encryption i am not skilled ( some have more knowledge than me and can say if it has evolved ) .
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