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52Maxx not working with CDSpeed overburn test

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52Maxx not working with CDSpeed overburn test

Postby Robotnik on Tue Nov 19, 2002 5:30 pm

My Memorex 52Maxx 52/24/52 does not seem to work with Nero's overburn test. No matter what sized disk I put in to test, the drive keeps doing a simulated burn and never reports an error, even when the burn is well past the end of a disc. Does anyone have any suggestions, or is this a common problem with Lite-Ons or something?
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Postby KuoH on Tue Nov 19, 2002 5:39 pm

It may just be the Memorex firmware or the entire 6 series drives from LiteOn. The Cendyne/LiteOn 5 series drive I had before ran the overburn tests correctly. The newer drives seems to have lost that ability, but I have not flashed my Memorex to true LiteOn firmware to confirm that it's true for all 6 series drives.

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Postby cfitz on Tue Nov 19, 2002 5:46 pm

KuoH wrote:It may just be the Memorex firmware

I don't think it is the Memorex firmware, because I compared the Memorex and LiteOn firmware and determined that they are identical, with the exception of the indentifier strings.

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Postby Spazmogen on Tue Nov 19, 2002 8:23 pm

It worked with my 52x Lite On twice, then the same problem as described above occurred.

Even with a 74 minute disc, it was saying it would handle 99 minutes +.
It failed to complete the overburn test 3x, but started working again.

But I found out that one of my 80 minute discs will take 86:15 of audio.

That's if the results are accurate.
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Postby Inertia on Wed Nov 20, 2002 4:28 am

The loss of abililty to get usable results from the CD Speed overburning test is a firmware related phenomenon that first appeared in the Lite-on LTR 48125W with the latest firmare version VS08. Reflashing with earlier versions of firmware restores the ability to get usable results from the CD Speed overburn test.

I would opine that the latest series 6 Lite-on drives are building on the firmware methodology used in VS08. Successful use of the CD Speed overburning test is undoubtedly not a test parameter or even a consideration when firmware is developed.

If enough people bring this "lost" ability to Lite-on's attention and complain about it, perhaps they will find a way to recover the overburn reporting capability in a later firmware version.
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