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Add Lite-On series 6 support

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Add Lite-On series 6 support

Postby BadReligionPR on Tue Dec 24, 2002 12:37 am

Just a tip, for those of you who use CDRWIN and need support for your 48246s/52246s. This method removes support for the one 6 series drive CDRWIN does support, so if you also have a 48126s you may not want to use it.

1. Download a hex editor. My favorite is XVI
2. Open XVI and click File=>Open and find the CDRWIN executable.
3. Click on Search=>Find and under text string type 48126. In the text field the string should read LTR-48126S.
4. In the text window, replace 4812 with the correct numbers for your drive (4824/5224)
5. File=>Save

Now you can use your new series 6 to write images. Please note that this is only a temporary fix, hopefully real support will be built into the next version. Also, because it only changes the name string CDRWIN looks for, recording CD-R/RW is still limited to 48x/12x respectively. Not that the extra 4x matters or you have 24x RW media. :D
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